Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Captures 25,198 Barrels Saturday

BP (NYSE:BP) reported is captured 25,198 barrels Saturday, including collecting and flaring the oil.

To date, the oil giant said they're captured 585,400 barrels of oil from the Gulf, again, including flaring or collecting.

At this time BP has two systems operating, with one vessel collecting oil and reselling it, and another flaring or burning the oil and gas.

A third vessel should soon be incorporated into their oil capture plans and roughly double the current capacity to over 50,000 barrels captured a day.

Concerning skimming oil from the surface of the Gulf, that has reached 673,497 barrels of oil removed from the ocean. Per controlled burns, they've also removed another 238,000 barrels of oil from the Gulf surface.

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