Friday, July 9, 2010

Appeals Court Spanks Obama Over Gulf Drilling Moratorium

Drilling in the deep waters of the Gulf can now resume, as Obama was again rejected concerning the moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico, which now opens the door for drilling to resume in the region and people returning to work.

This isn't referring to the final decision, it refers to drilling being allowed in the interim while a final decision is being made.

The decision is a good one, because if the moratorium was reinstated, essentially the Obama administration would have really won, as the next step of the legal process won't be taken up until the latter part of August or into September. By that time, as Obama knows, it would be too late for the decision to matter one way or the other, as far as it relates to the six-month period.

Now the question will be whether or not the oil companies resume operations in light of the decision. If they do, than it's a victory for the workers in the Gulf region, if not, it's only a shallow moral victory but one which will keep them from providing for their families.

Those oil companies in the Gulf should all resume production, and then let the Obama administration be the ones on the defensive if they supposedly win the implementation of the moratorium, but lose politically because they put thousands of people out of work again.

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