Saturday, June 12, 2010

UK PM Wants Strong BP (NYSE:BP)

Still remain relatively quiet and subdued, British Prime Minister David Cameron did finally comment on the BP (NYSE:BP) disaster, saying it was in the best interests of everyone for a strong BP to continue on after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Cameron has to be cautious in his statements in a way that won't weaken support from his political base, while also keeping the relationship with the United States on solid ground, something Obama and the Democrats in the United States seem to consider irrelevant, from the statements they've made throughout the crisis.

This may be the nicest thing Cameron says about the ordeal, as mounting pressure for him to take a more proactive stance, along with Obama and the Democrats inability to keep their mouths shut, or say something constructive, may leave him with little choice but to ultimately strike out harder.

Media outlets in the UK which had back Cameron are already dissatisfied with Cameron's response, and have said his unwillingness to stick up for BP could mean the end of the honeymoon period he has enjoyed from them since his recent election to Prime Minister.

That of course means they're going to start hammering him if things don't change, and that will definitely take a toll on Cameron quickly.

Much of this is in the court of Obama and the Democrats now, as it's their move, and if recent history is the measure, it won't take long before something else stupid comes out of their mouth which will force Cameron's hand.

Already a large number of British citizens are outraged by the callous remarks of Obama and his party, and it has already reached a boiling point and opened a door that can't simply be quietly shut.

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