Saturday, June 12, 2010

Obama, Cameron Meeting Over BP (NYSE:BP)

With growing domestic pressure on new British Prime Minister David Cameron to defend BP (NYSE:BP) from the attacks of the Obama administration, Cameron will be participating in a phone call with Obama in hopes of getting the administration to back off.

The two are scheduled to talk on Saturday at 04:00 p.m (1500 GMT).

British newspapers have especially entered the fray after seeing some of their counterparts across the pond bashing BP more than seemed legitimate to them.

Calls for Cameron to cover the back of BP puts him in the place of at least placing it at the top of his agenda in the conversation with Obama.

Inflammatory rhetoric from Obama has largely stirred this up, as he has used terms like keeping his boot on the neck of BP, something not conducive to gaining favor with the British people, who feel the boot is being put on their neck by Obama.

It does underscore the complete inexperience of Obama in domestic and international affairs.

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