Sunday, June 6, 2010

Media Can't Break BP (NYSE:BP) CEO Tony Hayward

Certain elements of the media have been trying to demonize BP (NYSE:BP) CEO Tony Hayward because he's strong enough to stand up under their scrutiny, while largely ignoring some of the ugly attempts for them to pressure him to step down, seemingly wanting to prove they can still get their pound of flesh once in a while.

This may be the reason why the media hatred and unfair reporting concerning Hayward and BP, as they refuse to fold under the squeezing tentacles of the media, continues on, even with so much at stake.

Even Hayward's assertion he can take it because he can keep a stiff upper lip in a British manner enraged some of the American media outlets, who were for some reason inflamed over that innocent and benign comment.

At this time the board of BP is solidly behind Hayward, as well as the majority of shareholders, who are looking for him and his team to stem the oil flow in the Gulf, get it cleaned up, and focus again on the business of providing oil and gas to the world.

The idea that Hayward won't bow down to the media pressure is a good thing. While he acknowledges he may have made a couple of comments which could have been misunderstood, he has from the beginning committed to taking responsibility for their part in the oil rig accident, and is doing everything within his power to turn it around. You can't ask anymore of someone in this situation, and he needs to be left to do his job without the attempt by the media to stir up anti-British sentiment which is completely irrelevant to what is happening.

Hopefully Hayward and his team won't cave to the media, who are starting to be looked upon as extreme [the media] by a growing number of people who simply hope for the best, and a quick and efficient end to the oil spill.

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J said...

I wonder if he would be able to keep the same stiff upper lip if this spill happened in the English Channel. I say kick him to the curb!!!