Friday, June 25, 2010

Death Threats on Gulf Moratorium Judge

U.S. District Court Judge Martin Feldman, who overturned the Obama moratorium on drilling in over 500 feet of water in the Gulf, now has to have federal marshalls protect him because of death threats against him.

Mainstream media hacks immediately attacked the character of Feldman, not the merits of the ruling, probably adding to the environment of hate now surrounding Feldman.

Now the implications from the mainstream media and their sychophants make them to look the clueless infants they are, as it has been found the assertions made about Feldman, which were to make him look like he was in the back pocket of big oil companies, were based on a few shares he owned in oil stocks in 2008, and nothing that was current.

One writer stated, "Much of the sensational reporting on Feldman’s investments was based on outdated information. The Judge was blasted for owning stock in Transocean, Ltd and Halliburton, two of the major companies involved in the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Feldman owned those stocks in 2008; however, he sold those shares long before issuing his ruling this week. In fact, this updated information will be released in the next report on his stock holdings."

Think of the retractions from the mainstream outlets that will have to be made and how they'll look as far as integrity and quality of research, which will be obviously seen for what it was: no attempt at all to get at the truth, but to employ techniques to smear the character of this bold and honest judge.


Anonymous said...

Bold and Honest Judge bought and paid for by big oil giving obviously biased decisions and being protected by oil money in all the other branches of our government.

Anonymous said...

he is bought and payed for and that was a conflict of intrest and that should get him disbarred.he is like all the people in control they are owned by corpriate america and the only cure is a revelution!!!!

Anonymous said...

you are an idiot. This Judge is a fool. He should be disbarred.