Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Under Civil, Criminal Investigation

In what appears to be a move of retribution against BP (NYSE:BP) in order to take the focus off the Obama administration and put it onto BP and the oil industry, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced he's going to launch a civil and criminal investigation in regard to the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon which resulted in the oil spill sweeping across parts of the Gulf of Mexico.

This is the unfortunate but usual practice of using any law they can find and twist it to use to make whoever they want a criminal.

Fox example, Holder cited The Migratory Bird Treaty Act and Endangered Species Acts as laws they can use to penalize the oil company and oil industry.

This is an anti-business and outrageous use of the law, but that won't stop these socialists from applying it in response to the media which makes it appear the public wants their heads, when in fact - the facts - aren't in yet.

What about the natural oil seeping into the Gulf of Mexico every day that is much larger than the current amount from the accident?

Bottom line? It seems this is payback for not plugging the leak and making Obama and his administration look bad ... and look bad for a long time. It also takes the focus off of the agenda Obama and Democrats are attempting to force on the American people against their will.

I think this is what they are enraged about, not whether or not some oil is floating around the Gulf of Mexico.

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mary alice said...

Are you serious? You sound like a bp spokespersoN. there are millions of people negatively effected by this. Bp is completely at fault and it appears that the federal government is doing very little to help Americans that have suffered from this. bp ought to be nationalized by the US and it's managers face criminal charges. this won't happen of course and they will get off with no penalty and the gulf ruined .