Friday, June 4, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Chastised by Obama for Being Optimistic

The inept and clueless Obama continues to look anemic in the Gulf oil crisis, this time even looking stupid, as he attempted to chastise BP (NYSE:BP) for being optimistic "way too early."

Who is this guy to tell BP they can't feel good that they finally got a break in battling the oil spill? Obama now thinks he can control how people feel? He's getting kookier and kookier by the minute.

This was of course a response to celebrity idiots and mainstream media whores who never miss a chance on using a crisis to their advantage.

Obama was right in the first place when he said what good would it do to yell at the people attempting to fix the accident. The answer of course in nothing, and hopefully Obama won't cave to the pressure from the demagogues in hopes of making himself look engaged and the angry leader.

For Obama to tie in the potential dividend payments to the crisis is ridiculous as well. Again it shows his ignorance.

What about pensioners in the UK and elsewhere you have relied upon the performance and dividends of BP now and in the years ahead?

Obama and the Democrats don't seem to understand we're in an interconnected world where overresponding to one thing could release damage in another. The entire picture needs to be taken in before making decisions and spouting things that make you look clueless and ignorant, like Obama and the Democrats are increasingly looking in the BP crisis.

The point with the dividend issue just as many, or possibly more, regular people could be harmed if the dividend is cut, as it's many workers' pensions that could be hurt deeply, and already have from the plunge in market value of BP. To not include that as part of the picture is ethnocentric for sure.

As far as Obama dictating whether or not BP can feel good about being successful at one stage of their operations to stop the oil flow, that doesn't deserve much more comment than already made: he's not God. Thank God!


Miles said...

So by the same reasoning, if Xe (Blackwater) were a publicly traded company should we not hold them accountable for murder because it would hurt some pensioner who was dumb enough to invest in them?

Anyone who has their money in equities is gambling. There is no guaranteed return. We should not expect our politicians to act as if they have a duty to maintain those returns.

Anonymous said...

Obama's response was not nearly as overblown and characteristic of an "angry leader" as this post suggests. Saying it's "way too early to be optimistic" does not come off to me as "stupid" or "angry". I would say that whenever tens of thousands of oil are spewing into the gulf each day, it is generally not the place for optimism. All ill fortune of the shareholders is the result that gigantic volumes of oil have continued to destroy the gulf for over 40 days now, not Obama.

Anonymous said...

What a completely worthless article, nothing more then partisan shilling.

I wouldn't wipe my ass with this blog.

Anonymous said...

i would wipe my ass with this blog.

Anonymous said...

This article may have been over the top, but there were some valid points about Obama needing to understand the consequences of what he says. Lets look at another example. All last week he kept talking about how things will be after we have a strong jobs report on Friday. Well, the report was not bad, but it definately was not strong. That is one of the biggest reasons the markets were dissapointed and fell 300+ points. There were still net jobs created, but he let everyone believe it would be much better. If he didn't know, he shouldn't be speaking blindly about it. This isn't the only example, just the most current.