Monday, June 7, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) CEO's Family Being Threatened

The family of BP (NYSE:BP) CEO Tony Hayward are receiving an increasing number of threats from individuals and groups which has resulted in increased police protection for the family at their home.

Some of the means of communication include phone calls threatening the family, as well as hate mail.

Mrs. Hayward said this about these fanatics and cowards' (my words) communications:

"Members of my family have had nasty phone calls and we have also had mail from groups.

"Tony is obviously away and we are miles away from him so it's upsetting."

Excessive rhetoric from Obama and some mainstream media sources in America are causing a lot of this hate to spew forth, resulting in the outrageous threats coming to the family of Tony Hayward.


Anonymous said...

People shouldn't mess with his family but as for Tony himself, I'd vote we bring public stoning back and that he becomes our first candidate.

Chrisstuff said...

Tony is scum. Millions of animals have been killed and maimed because of his company's carelessness and his love of the almighty $. His wife supports him and has not spoken out against his lies and the horrible things he is responsible for. She deserves to be criticized (no threats of violence - those who do it are simply becoming part of BPs own violence and Tony's ghastly and horror-filled leadership of BP). His wife supports him when she should oppose what he is doing. Boycott BP, verbally criticize the family that supports him, including his wife; the bastards deserve to be criticized for what their awful husband and father has done; their silence supports the deaths of millions of animals and let their cowardice submerge them in public opposition.

Anonymous said... are a little bitch. You say his wife should be against him? LOL...OK. You sound like a peta moron. Yes, while the death of animals is sad, they are animals. While I agree with boycotting BP...bringing his family in the equation is worse than the animals dying. Quit being a bitch. Awful things in the world happen, and criticizing the family does not help. Its tasteless...and shows your douchebaggery.

James said...

If you want to blame someone, blame BP's board, not the individuals. It's the people that vote to reduce safety measures in favor of higher profit margins that are at fault here, not the wives and children of the puppets. I know Tony is the CEO, but these days, CEO's are simply the face of the company, the real decision makers are the board members. Boycotting is always a legitimate course of action, but what, we boycott BP then there are only a couple major players in the game, which allows for an even worse price fixing situation than we already have. The real solution, STOP USING SO DAMN MUCH PETROLEUM!

I know this is hard for most of us to swallow because we always think it's someone elses fault, but keep in mind that EVERYONE that goes to a gas pump is responsible for this mess, you, me, and even you finger pointing PETA whiners!

Instead of throwing stones, maybe you should volunteer to help, or walk to work for a couple weeks.