Sunday, June 6, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) CEO Not Afraid of Jail Threat

BP (NYSE:BP) CEO Tony Hayward said when asked about the possibility of going to jail because of the accident on the Deepwater Horizon, said he had "no fear" of that if it were to happen.

Hayward added his and the companies' main focus will be on the oil spill and getting control of it. He also said he expects to be in the job a year from now.

"The only thing I'm losing sleep about is the leak," said Hayward when queried on the proposition of going to jail.

There is a growing respect for Hayward, in spite of mainstream media outlets in America and their progressive, socialist sycophant Internet followers attempt to portray him as some type of monster that has bungled the attempt to stop the oil flow.

That's largely a myth, as BP is doing everything possible to try to stop the oil leak, and there isn't anything else they can do but continue to do the best they can in the light of terrific pressure and difficult circumstances.

It is statements like this that drives the liberal American media crazy, as they always try to break people who violate their sensibilities and pet agendas, which is in this case their hatred of oil companies and business in general.

BP will never win in the liberal American media, and Hayward knows this. They just keep piling it on because they know it to, and hope if they repeat their vitriol long enough, the American people actually will start getting angry, rather than the media hacks attempting to make them look that way.

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Anonymous said...

Are you a BP investor trying to salvage the reputation of this malicious company to maintain your share value?