Saturday, June 5, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) and James Cameron's Lack of Class

James Cameron's attempt to make it look like he had these tense negotiations with BP (NYSE:BP) was more a screenplay written in the mind of the film director than anything approaching real-life.

Cameron called people working at BP "morons" for not accepting his help, which was obviously a publicity stunt more than something which would have helped in the accident.

Even his response shows it was hype to garner him attention and nothing else. In other words, they're morons because they didn't recognize that the great James Cameron would be allowed to come to the rescue.

It would obviously turned the efforts into a circus, and you know the parade of silly celebrities would have followed offering their "expertise" as well. Great theater, but irrelevant, as BP noted by refusing Cameron, which reportedly was done in a polite and classy way, although James Cameron showed no class in the process.

All of this centered around Cameron meeting once with some officials from the federal government in order to offer some advice. Seriously, he was offering advice from his years of expertise in working in the oil industry.

Cameron of course does have experience and knowledge as far as operating underwater robots at the depths of the oil leak, but that doesn't translate into being able to help in any realistic manner.

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Cory Rey said...

Shut the F@%& up loser, the only reason BP didnt use James Camerons great ideas was because you political people know that if you use "The King" James Camerons ideas, it would be hella embarassing on the BPs part knowing that a Billionair is smarter than those dumb asses. Its all about politics!!!!! James Cameron is the Man!! And if you disagree, then go back to your boring life living with the fact that your a Jealous loser!!