Friday, June 11, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP): AliObama and His 40 Democrat Thieves

A group of 40 Democrats, or more now, are trying to impose their will on BP (NYSE:BP) in an attempt to tell them how they need to spend every penny they have, including the dividend which millions of those with pensions are counting on for their futures.

Then again, these same Democrats have acted the thugs with Obama in health care, forcing it down the throat of the American people against their will, so it's not surprising they're continuing to do that with a company they have no say over.

This isn't just a group of Democrats trying to stick their spurs in BP, this is a company will tons of institutions representing millions of people who are depending on them to survive and thrive so they can count on their retirements and money still being there at that time.

BP has not only stated, but acted out their statements, as they've done everything they said they would do, and are forking out hundreds of millions to help states battle the disaster, as well as far over a billion now in the cleanup.

There is nothing BP has done to imply they're not going to do what they say, and that isn't enough for these thuggish Democrats. It's not surprising though as they attempt to socialize the United States into oblivion, and now are trying to take advantage of this company to soak every penny out of them for their own ends, in what they think is going to be political capital in an election year.

And the absurdity of BP having to pay unemployment to workers who Obama put out of work by placing a moratorium on oil drilling for six months is outrageous at best.

BP isn't a country, it's a company. And the idea that Obama can make foolish decisions and then tell someone else to pay for it is horrid to say the least.

Obama is now stuck with his dumb decision, and even now a bipartisan insurrection of lawmakers from the states affected has risen, telling him he needs to end the moratorium and get people back to work.

Democrats and Obama don't want to have the unemployment numbers get worse, and that would happen as thousands are forced to get unemployment as a result of his actions.

What I get out of these Democrats and Obama is they're thinking of every way they can to extract money out of BP because they don't want to remind voters how much they've spent and stolen from our children and grandchildren in their other terrible legislation, and there's more down the pipe they have in mind for us, including draconian measures to spend billion to battle the fictitious global warming hoax.

Anyway, Democrats have no business attempting to steal money away from the average person who holds shares in BP and is counting on it for their retirement.

Let's send a message to the 40 Democrat thieves as soon as we can and remove them from office, while opposing this attempt to overreach far beyond their authority until then.

While BP is rightly paying out for legitimate claims from the oil spill, to pay out for misguided Obama policies and have Democrats attempt to run the company instead of the BP board, is incredibly arrogant and a cynical attempt to tap into the public anger over the incident in a way that could even be highly illegal.

Maybe we'll start calling this dividend-gate.

Oh, and one last thing, the Democrats and Obama also don't approve of BP spending money on advertising. What are a bunch of socialists to do?

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