Thursday, May 20, 2010

Potash (TSE:POT) CEO Sees Great Future Growth

Potash (TSE:POT) (NYSE:POT) president and CEO Bill Doyle said recently the company continues to focus on the long term, and he sees some great opportunities for growth going forward.

Doyle added, when talking at an investor conference, that they did nothing to cut back on expansion during the economic downturn, and that has positioned strongly for the future when demand soars.

Looking ahead, Doyle said he sees supply not being able to meet demand in 2012-2014, as North and South America, along with emerging market giants China and India, will need a lot of the fertilizer to meet their needs.

A number of the expansion project Potash is working on will be timed right to meet that growing demand, and the company is estimated to account for over 50 percent of production growth of potash over the next decade, and along with that get the majority of the business from the countries and farmers needing it.

Potash seems to be a good long-term play, as there's no doubt once things really do begin to turn around, that focus on meeting the food needs of growing populations will become a priority again.

Once that happens, Potash will have a more consistant and predictable future, rather than the recent ups and downs they've been experiencing.

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