Thursday, May 27, 2010

Obama's Overreaction to BP (NYSE:BP), Oil Accident

It's incredible to see people so worked up over the oil spill, BP (NYSE:BP), oil industry, and even Obama, who has finally taken some criticism during his administration, and it of course would come from radical environmentalists and earth worshippers.

Just a few days ago an airplane went down with over 200 people losing their lives, and yet you didn't get a call to shut down the airline industry. But one large mistake and there's hysteria as these people who ignorantly believe the earth is their mother gnash their teeth and gleefully attack the oil industry and Obama over oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico, which just happens to have a ton of oil seep into it year after year; about four times in one year what the Exxon Valdez did years ago.

Now after getting some criticism from his base, and others, Obama now responds in a manner that is only politically motivated, and not based on what he really believes in.

Unfortunately, it's more important to mainstream media to hype and keep this story going, than it is for the lost lives of the workers on the Deepwater Horizon, or those on the recent airline crash.

Now the banning and stoppage of work on offshore wells and deepwater drilling will crush the oil industry, something the radical environmentalists have been waiting for for a long time.

It will also end with shortages and competitors from other countries grabbing the oil drilling ball and running with it.

Too bad at a time when Obama could have used his stubbornness for some good, he instead caved to the radicals and took steps to placate them rather than show some leadership by bringing balance to the situation, and not shut down everything in a world that can never be perfect.

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