Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Janet Napolitano Admits Only BP (NYSE:BP) Can Stop Oil Spill

Only BP (NYSE:BP) can stop the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, admitted Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, saying, "The government doesn’t have that capacity.” Napolitano added in a news conference that “They have the technology, they have the personnel and experience."

It's nice to see a government official admit they aren't competent to do the job, something most of us already new.

Yet even in the wake of this, those like the pathetic Democratic James Carville was whining about, and almost fainting over the government not interfering in the crisis. Carville said, “I have no idea of why their attitude is so hands-off here. It’s just unbelievable.”

Sad to see someone view the government as if they're god like Carville and others who actually put their faith in it.

Then trying to defend the Obama administration, Napolitano makes them even look worse. She said, “This is the largest federal response ever to an environmental disaster of this sort. We have right now over 22,000 federal personnel on that aspect of it.”

Supposedly 22,000 government people are completely clueless on this matter. What are they doing? BP, by Napolitano's admission, is the only one that can handle the problem, yet somewhere supposedly running around are 22,000 government employees in the "largest federal response ever to an environmental disaster."

Those 22,000 government employees sure hide good.

These clowns won't even allow the Louisiana governor to build sand bars to protect the state from the oil spill. These nuts say they'll have to perform an ecological “study” of what the impact of those sand bars will be before giving the okay. This is the Army Corps of Engineers making that intelligent comment. They should be put on trial for that outrage.

I guess that's part of the 22,000 mentioned by Napolitano. No wonder she backs up BP so strongly against using the government Keystone Cops.

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