Monday, May 3, 2010

Gerald Celente and Bailout Bubble

Gerald Celente, one of more accurate identifiers of trends, has stated in the recent past that one of the more dangerous aspects of the current economic situation is the failure or refusal to call the government spending in the economic crisis a bailout bubble.

Celente has stated, "With no more massive economic bubbles available to blow up, they’ll set their sights on bigger targets."

As we're seeing now and Celente has said will happen when the bailout bubble explodes, is the government will somehow put up a smokescreen and put the blame on someone or something else to escape being seen as the cause of the bubble, along with their partner the Federal Reserve.

While Celente hasn't said this directly, it seems they are probably already creating the storyline for when the bailout bubble bursts in order to hide their culpability in the matter.

Celente has said they will look for a scapegoat to put the blame on as the public panicks and is ready to vent their anger, fear and frustration on the perceived creator of the catastrophe.

According to Celente, it's possible we may be taken into a war in order to divert attention away from the source of the bubble.

He doesn't predict the timing of the bubble bursting but says it's almost a surety that it will.

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Alex said...

This guy has been on target so many times it's worth taking notice,even as the spin away from reality is in full force I'm seeing Mr. Celente saying to himself ''I will say my truth because that's my soul and what I must live with.''