Sunday, May 2, 2010

Eco-Terrorists Attacking Oil Rigs?

A second oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana has overturned, causing the obvious question to be raised on whether or not these are eco-terrorists bringing them down because of Obama's go ahead to drill for oil off of some of our coasts.

While this news report said the two are unrelated, that's only based on an assumption and not whether or not they were brought down by these people-haters.

It's past time that these types of incidents are treated only as accidents, which then point to the inability of the industry to safely extract oil from the ocean floor.

Already the Obama administration is getting wobbly and "rethinking" their plans on offshore drilling.

It seems a little too timely and convenient for the accident to have happen to bring down the rig not long after the go head to drill.

This needs to be investigated thoroughly to see if any sabotage was part of the so-called accident.

Two oil rigs in the same region, one right after another after the fears from the oil spillage are permeating the minds of people in America is too much of a coincidence for my liking, and I think maybe we can use our Coast Guard to start patrolling to see if there are eco-terrorists who will stop at nothing to keep America from drilling oil.

If it is found to be the case, they are mass murderers who need to be brought to justice. The idea that no one is really asking the question makes no sense, unless the connection doesn't want to be publicly made.


Anonymous said...

save the environment by destroying it? you assume they are illogical. If you are right, then they may no linger have a gulf to protect, just a cesspool. these days, in order to be successful in business you have to be a sociopath. you cannot care about anything but your own personal bottom line. we are dealing with the results of "successful" businessmen.

Jim Trebowski said...

Wait...WHAT? The article is essentially claiming this was an act of terrorism without a shred of evidence? Didn't Fox "News" do the same thing? That's not journalism. That's fear-mongering and rumor-spreading. If you want to be some sort of whistle-blower, fine, but at least have some sort of evidence. Even little kids know the difference between reporting a story, and spreading lies just to plant a rumor. Apparently, Conservatives do not.