Monday, May 24, 2010

Democratics Want Union Bailout: $165 Billion

The Democrats can't spend enough money fast enough, and the outrageous idea of taxpayers having to pay for their retirement after they have mismanaged their pensions, is sickening at best, and criminal at worst.

Think of it. The Democrats' special-interest groups who are overpaid and pressure, threaten and mock those who aren't part of unions, are now wanting the rest of us who are in fact responsible with our money to bail those bums out after even above-market wages and benefits are wasted by them, as they can't hang on to their pension money.

Don't get the idea this is because of the recession, because it isn't, as they pensions were in trouble in 2006, before the impact of the housing bubble and banking problems.

Senator Bob Casey, (D-Pa.), has introduced legislation which would cost the rest of us a minimum of $165 billion, and because of life expectancy, would be far beyond that. Think of the bankrupt social security fund to see where this is going to go.

What really needs to happen is to have an investigation of these pensions and their union overlords to see who's draining them, as it sounds fishy when the unions are suddenly begging for more money, and that's after the hideous bailouts of the union automakers who were priced out of market by their outrageous wages and benefits, which we are still paying for, and which they borrowed more taxpayer money to pay off.

The hearing is set for Thursday, and our representatives had better toe the line and reject this outright. Obama also better learn to say the word "no" to these beggars, who are making more than the average American, who is now being called upon to bail them out. If this doesn't get your angry and ready to rid Washington of the Democrats and their endless willingness to spend money on their constituents, nothing will.

And even if you're a Democrat, you should be outraged that they're already talking about spending more money, which has already brought an enormous amount of destruction to the country, which has yet to be experienced when the banks start lending, businesses borrow, and the price of everything goes up.

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