Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Democrats Mad at BP (NYSE:BP) Because they Can't Watch Them Work on TV

The Democrats and their response to the accident in the Gulf of Mexico are starting to sound ludicrous, as their latest worry is over whether or not they can watch BP (NYSE:BP) attempt to plug the leaking oil well on TV.

Pathetic Democratic Rep. Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts said this clownish statement: "It is outrageous that BP would kill the video feed for the top kill."

Hopefully Massachusetts will send this Democrat chump to a permanent political retirement, like they did for a colleague in the last election.

Markey is concerned over something as irrelevant as watching the attempt to fix the problem on TV, when the important issue of stopping it is evidently irrelevant to the nut. And he's the chair of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming and the Energy and Environment Subcommittee in the Energy and Commerce Committee.

Of course the fact that he's chair of something related to the global warming hoax already tells you a lot about him. It also explains why he would be worried about a live feed of the attempted "Top Kill" than whether it would actually be successful or not.

As far as the attempt itself, BP has said after tests which could take up to 12 hours, they will pump about 50,000 pounds of fluid into where the leak is in hopes of plugging it. There's up to a 60 percent chance it'll work.

Because this is something never tried at these depths, there is uncertainty as to how successful it will be.

Democrats and Markey should be more concerned about the oil spill being plugged than whether they can watch it live on TV.


Anonymous said...

You're a RETARD!

Anonymous said...

If you still think global warming is a hoax, then you're just as out of touch as Mr. Markey.