Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Canada Has More Natural Gas than Thought

Prior estimates of natural gas residing in Canada have been low because unconventional sources hadn't bee included in the estimates, which now are close ot 4,000 trillion cubic feet.

You can hear some of the natural gas companies groaning to know there is even more natural gas in North America, now that the United States has found huge deposits residing shale deposits.

But get too overcome by the huge numbers as recoverable natural gas in Canada, even with the overall reserves upwardly revised, stands at between 700 TCF and 1,300 TCF, according to the Canadian Society for Unconventional Gas

Even so, that's over double original estimates of 357 trillion cubic feet of marketable natural gas from conventional sources.

Canada estimates their natural gas reserves will now last the country over 100 years, including domestic consumption and exports.

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