Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cameco (TSE:CCO) China Uranium Opportunity

Leading Canadian uranium producer Cameco Corp. (TSE:CCO)(NYSE:CCJ) should benefit strongly from the growing economic ties between Canada and China, as leaders of three Canadian provinces head to the middle kingdom to drum up even more business.

Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia are represented by the contingent, and they're loaded with resources ready and available to those willing to invest in them, and China is definitely the leading country with demand for commodities at this time.

Executives from Cameco are traveling with Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall, meeting with the largest nuclear power firm in China, which is looking to expand to meet the growing energy needs of the country.

Uranium reserves in Saskatchewan account for 26 percent of global production, making the province the top choice for those needing the material for nuclear energy.

Cameco should profit greatly if some deals are struck, which is highly likely, as Canada is doing business right with the Chinese by removing bureaucracy and making quick deals ahead of their competitor nations who try to impress the world by making it hard to do business with the Chinese.

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