Monday, May 3, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Has Confidence of Texas Governor

Talking to reporters, Texas Governor Rick Perry said he had full confidence in BP (NYSE:BP), saying it was an "act of God," meaning an accident in his description of the term when asked what he meant by that comment.

Perry added he was concerned over there being "knee jerk" response to offshore drilling, and that the public could be "misled" by those attempting to stop existing drilling or addition drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico in the future.

According to Perry, his prediction is the Gulf oil spill will have no effect on the coast of Texas.

Reporters also attempted to paint Perry as weird at the conference because of his criticism of the Obama administration and Washington in general, trying to make his comment on it being an act of God almost sound like it was a religious statement, rather than what he said was probably a "mechanical failure somewhere.”

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