Thursday, May 20, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Forced to Change Dispersant

So-called environmental experts have convinced the Environmental Protection Agency to force BP (NYSE:BP) to switch a highly effective oil disperant to a less "toxic" one based on nothing but theories and the fact that Britain has banned it. You know, the same Britain that is home to probably more radical environmental activists per capita than any other country.

BP was given three days or 72 hours to change over to the new dispersant, even though there's no proof it's harming anything.

The chemical being used as a dispersant is corexit, the one Britain banned about a decade ago.

Some lawmakers are pressing the EPA and BP on this based on nothing else but the Britain ban.

People are also using the term scientist to manipulate the minds of people, as if a scientist can be trusted after the farce of climate change which they lied through their teeth on.

Either way, based on theories, fears and the Britain ban, one way to battle the oil is now being taken away, which we do know will cause harm as a result.

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