Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BP (LON:BP) Ready with Second Oil Containment Dome

BP (LON:BP) (NYSE:BP) is ready with a second oil containment dome, which is smaller than the first, but built to perform the same task, to stop the flow of oil leaking from the ocean floor in the Gulf of Mexico.

The new dome is on its way to the point where the oil is leaking, and BP said it hopes it will be ready to place it over the leak on Thursday.

Once its lowered almost a mile down, it will then be taken by robotic submarines and prepared to be placed over the leak.

The problem of ice blocking the new dome will hopefully be solved by the inclusion a design which will allow methanol to be pumped up into the dome in order to keep the ice from forming and blocking the flow of oil up through it to the surface.

A pipe about 500 feet long will have the oil siphoned through it, which would ultimately find its way to the surface to be collected there by ships.

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