Friday, April 23, 2010

Preview of Potash (TSE:POT) First Quarter Report

With the global recession skewing a lot of numbers, as comparisons from last year are largely irrelevant as the economic conditions were so bad, everything looks good in comparison. For Potash (TSE:POT)(NYSE:POT), that remains true to, and analysts' expectations are based on guidance given by the company, as there's little else they can go on.

So estimates for the first quarter are earnings will have a range of $1 to $2, with $1.32 being the consensus estimate. Last year during the same quarter Potash generated earnings of $1.02 a share.

The earnings have been revised upwards, as mentioned, based on guidance from the fertilizer company, increasing it from $1.27 last month to the $1.32 average mentioned above.

Guidance range before was $0.70-$1.00, and now stands at $1.30-$1.50.

A couple of things have been attributed to the increased guidance, and that was potash demand has increased in the North American market, and margins for phosphate and nitrogen grew as well.

The quarterly report is scheduled for April 26.

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