Monday, April 12, 2010

Painful Correction Ahead Says Hussman

John Hussman of Hussman funds says the stock market run is coming to an end, and when the correction comes it's going to be painful.

While most analysts and commentators conclude the reason the market will correct is related to the economy weakening again or stress in the credit markets, what's interesting about Hussman's conclusion is that isn't the major element, and the stock market will correct no matter what happens economically or in the credit market, as equities have increased without taking into account the fundamentals.

That's another way of saying the herd again had entered into irrational behavior, and that has been what has moved the stock market up, and nothing else.

This is a problem I've seen for some time in what I consider outrageous business and investing reporting by the mainstream media, where they're so enamored with Obama they can't look at what's in front of them, knowing the truth would damage the failed policies of Obama while he continues to spend trillions of dollars with nothing to show for it.

If the fundamentals haven't changed, nothing has changed, and it's dangerous at this time to take at face value anything the mainstream media reports on concerning finance and the markets, as they're demagogues for Obama, which will end up hurting those who think we've entered into this wonderful time of prosperity again when little has happened to justify that conclusion.

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