Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jim Rogers: Commodity Bull Market Continues

Jim Rogers on Commodities

Jim Rogers reiterated again recently that the commodity bull market will continue on its run, as demand for raw materials continues to rise and supply fights a losing battle to keep up with it.

Rogers added that gold investors should hold on to their positions in the metal, as he maintains it'll continue to rise on through the next decade.

While he acknowledges China and India have huge markets that will continue to grow, they alone cannot carry the rest of the world on its economic shoulders, and other countries will need to grow if we're to eventually experience a sustainable recovery ... and I would add, whenever that recovery actually begins.

Gold soared to a 3-month high Wednesday, as ongoing concerns over the Greece debacle continue, and liquidity seems to be the problem again, as consumers and others pull their money out, with banks doing their repo thing with Greek banks.

Although the dollar and yen will continue to be thought of in terms of places of safety, gold is becoming more and more to be thought of as an alternative currency which is far safer than any other in the world.

The U.S. dollar isn't really thought of as safe, just the lesser of evils between all paper currencies.

Jim Rogers on Commodities

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