Tuesday, April 20, 2010

George Soros' Gold Bubble Stupidity

Earlier in the year George Soros made the ridiculous comment that gold was in a bubble, but not only that, it was "the ultimate bubble," said Soros.

Of course he's been proven to be completely wrong, as the fading former investing star obviously was playing investors in an attempt to influence gold on his behalf, as he had invested millions in gold companies not too long before he made the statement.

It's quite possible he had shorted the position and was hoping investors would flee gold and prices would plunge. He could make a ton of money that way, or he may have been trying to get people to sell their positions in gold mining companies and then buy up a bunch of shares at depressed prices.

Either way, it didn't work, and gold continues to have support, and there's little in the near future that will change that, and in the long term it seems that will be the case as well.

Of course when interest rates are ultimately raised, we'll see at that time how far gold has decoupled from the U.S. dollar and if it's standing on its own in a way it hasn't for a long time.

There are so many variables at this time, it's impossible to see very clearly, even in the short term, and with the U.S. government, and other governments around the world, interfering and influencing markets in major ways, it's hard to tell what they may do to upset things, as it's usually something stupid with the normal unintended consequences.

Even if there is a major gold correction, I don't think we'll be seeing it fall far below $1,000 an ounce any time soon, and even if it does, the economic climate we live in and the inevitable economic challenges we're going to continue to face in the near future, gold will remain one of the few safe places people will run to, and that isn't even bringing inflation into the picture, which is happening in a number of sectors already, such as iron ore and copper prices.

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Anonymous said...

The only stupidity here is in the Assumptions of this article. How was George Soros wrong? Gold does seem to be in the ultimate bubble. Have you checked a 5-10 year chart recently on gold?? Why do you think Soros' largest single position is in Gold? Because he invests WITH bubbles, not against them. His comment earlier this year should of been your cue to buy the AU.