Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fortuna Silver Mines (TSE:FVI) Production Surges 33.8 Percent

Fortuna Silver Mines Production

Fortuna Silver Mines (TSE:FVI) had a great quarter by any measurement, led mostly by increased production across several of their key metals, including silver.

The only decrease in production was zinc, which dropped a slight 1 percent to 6,868,811 pounds.

Silver production increased by 30 percent to 479,821 ounces, a record for Fortuna, while copper production exploded upwardly, increasing by 213 percent, ending the quarter with 295,854 pounds produced.

Lead had a 1.5 percent gain, with 295,854 pounds extracted from Fortuna's properties.

Fortuna looks strong going forward, as their sales in 2009 of $51.4 million, double the year before, shouldn't decrease in any way in 2010, and will continue to rise based on the increased production levels of their precious metals.

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