Friday, April 16, 2010

Aura Minerals (TSE:ORA) Gold Production Up

Aura Minerals (TSE:ORA) has been one of the stronger performers of the emerging gold mining companies, and those owning shares in the company have ridden them for a strong 160 percent gain over the last year, and they're poised for a strong year going forward as well.

One of the elements making them a strong company is the increased production, where they're ready to reach their goal of 190,00 ounces of gold for 2010.

They are achieving this through more capital investment and the pending acquisition of two mines.

At its San Andres Mine in Honduras, Aura has increased its gold production in the first quarter to 19,299 ounces, a gain of 32 percent over the year before.

The company is somewhat of a sleeper because most don't know a lot about the assets they control, including the more hidden ones: the Aranzazu Project in Mexico and Serrote Deposit in Brazil, which is located within the Arapiraca Project. Metals combined from both these mines include copper, iron, gold and silver.

If the prices of these metals hold for some time, the revenue and profits from them will make Aura a player among its larger competitors.

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