Friday, March 5, 2010

Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS): Iron Ore Prices Up 60 Percent in 2010

Morgan Stanley Iron Ore Price Projections

According to Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS), they think iron ore prices will skyrocket even further than their past projection of 20 percent in 2010, as they've revised the number to an increase of 60 percent for the year.

Looking forward to 2011, Morgan Stanley also believe the increase in prices will continue, albeit dropping to about a 20 percent increase next year.

The majority of this revising of prices is reflected in the demand being more than originally though, as well as spot prices having a larger influence in the picture when taking into account negotiations, especially with the Chinese.

The company adds that the demand side of the equation is related to the perceptions of the market.

Morgan Stanley Iron Ore Price Projections

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