Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mark Mobius Likes Commodity Countries

Mark Mobius - Commodities in Emerging Markets

Emerging market guru Mark Mobius likes two things about investing in the BRIC countries, and that is consumers and commodities.

The head of Templeton Asset Management said he continues to look for strong performances from countries with strong natural resources and infrastructure and consistency in place to extract and distribute them.

With growing middle classes in BRIC nations, Mobius also likes industries prepared to service them like retail, banking and disposal product firms.

Anyone investing in BRIC economies need to have a longer term outlook to be successful says Mobius, as they are volatile and move up and down quite a bit.

Market timers and other need not apply here or you could get slaughtered from the short term fluctuations of the markets.

Mark Mobius - Commodities in Emerging Markets

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