Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jim Rogers: Dollar Strength Temporary

Jim Rogers U.S. Dollar Strength

While Jim Rogers likes the U.S. dollar on a very temporary basis as far as holding its value, over the long term he is a dollar bear, and those affected by the greenback need to take that into consideration.

Rogers said not too long ago that the fact there were so many U.S. dollar bears made his contrarian tendencies believe the dollar would strengthen some, and it has since he made that statement.

Even so, there is little chance the dollar will hold its strength for long, and once it plunges it'll take those with it who thought it was in a bull rally.

Again, the key is this is only a very short term upwards move by the dollar, and it'll resume its downward spiral again. No one can be sure when, but it would be a mistake to look at the U.S. dollar as strong for any meaningful period of time.

Jim Rogers U.S. Dollar Strength

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