Friday, March 5, 2010

George Soros' Group Under Fire

George Soros and Center for American Progress

The Center for American Progress, a group funded and founded by billionaire George Soros, along with officials at Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, for possibly coordinating "policy strategy" together.

All of this stems from an extraorinary negative response by the Department of Energy and their private coherts who attacked a solid study which revealed so-called green jobs programs actually cause the loss of jobs because the government jobs produced from these misguided programs inefficient and it takes money away from private enterprise programs which in fact create far more sustainable jobs.

Several unconnected studies form Spain, Germany and Denmark made the same conclusions, which is the reason why groups like the Center for American Progress and George Soros attempt to crush the growing opposition which base their conclusions on facts and not the rhetoric, innuendo and assertions the green groups make in order to fill their coffers with money from taxpayers, which do little to make a good and lasting impact.

Representative James Sensenbrenner is investigating the matter, grilling Catherine Zoi, the assistant secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, how often NREL and EERE "coordinate policy strategy with special interest groups."

“Please provide all documentation of contact with CAP, AWEA, and UCS to the Select Committee,” ordered Sensenbrenner.

George Soros and Center for American Progress

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Commie Blaster said...

Did you know George Soros is:

- The 99th Richest Man on Earth
- A Felon
- Worked with NAZI's in WWII
- Implementing Worldwide Socialism
- The Man Who Broke the Bank of England
- The Man Who Bought the 2008 US Election
- Obama's Boss

Get the facts: