Monday, March 8, 2010

Compass Minerals International (NYSE:CMP) Salt Mine

Compass Minerals International Salt Business

Compass Minerals International (NYSE:CMP) provides a variety of products, including the rock salt producing mine in Goderich, Ontario, which of course produces salt. It is the world's largest underground rock salt mine.

The costs of mining the salt for Compass is also very low in contrast to competition, and part of an industry which is pretty much able to raise prices at will, this is a great advantage for Compass.

For their Goderich rock salt mine, what stands out especially there is the over 100 foot thick salt vein, over three times as large as its closest competitor, which is 30 feet thick.

Low cost operations with nothing but upwards pricing options. Sounds good for Compass Minerals and its shareholders.

Compass Minerals International Salt Business

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