Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) Hires Fascinating "Prototype" Specialist

Apple Wearable Computer Scientist

All the nerd sites will tell about the (NASDAQ:AAPL) endless gadget possibilities coming with the hiring of Richard DeVaul, who comes with all the nerd and credentials to make him an instant hit on the Internet.

Buzz is he has been hired to work on wearable computers for Apple, but that's highly unlikely, as there are numerous other projects to be completed before that would matter to the company, or even be a plausibility. Even so, it is fun to read about and listen to the many ideas and projections being thrown around as to what he will be working on with the company, with many already scouring the vast Apple patent list for clues, and ready to jump on any new patent listing in an attempt to put the puzzle together. All of it is great fun, and some geeks even take themselves seriously in doing it.

For Commodity Surge, I wanted to look at it just from the point of view of a company marketing itself. Look at the buzz of this hire has done. If DeVaul does nothing else he's already earned a big part of his pay check through the free marketing and speculation surrounding what he's up to.

He hasn't had to do nothing but be hired and have a story told about him in that secretive manner which demands everyone to dig as deep as they can in an attempt to be the first one to throw out a credible theory, or in fact discover a little of what he is doing.

The fact that he's already being touted as working on a wearable computer has already given the story a lot of legs, and who knows where it'll go from here.

There are other things DeVaul has worked on, and even has patents on in his own right. That will add a lot of fuel to the already legendary story. Who knows? Maybe we have a second Woz on our hands.

I bring all this up for my readers just to show you how hype can quickly create a story that sounds true and some will even think it is provable and has been accurately sourced, etc.

For investing though, these are the types of stories that can happen 20 times a day, and while most are identified for what they are by objective and seasoned investors, there are always a few that believe the tall tales and respond by entering the market on the latest gossip.

Don't invest in the next equivalent of a wearable computer in reference to commodities or any other vehicle. While it can be a lot of fun to look at and talk about, nothing is a big hit like that in the immediate sense, but is brought about gradually and carefully, even if it seems to be a big hit coming out of nowhere.

Now, how about a wearable computer for those of use who want to invest and interact between part of what we wear? Coming to a trading floor to you. You'll just have to wait a long time until it arrives.

Apple Wearable Computer Scientist

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