Monday, February 1, 2010

Uranium About to Heat Up?

Nuclear Reactors and Uranium Demand

According to the US Nuclear Regulatory commission, demand for and permission to build nuclear reactors in the U.S. has skyrocketed, and that could eventually result in a huge increase in demand for uranium.

Now that nuclear power is being encouraged and considered an increasingly important part of American energy policy, uranium could be a major beneficiary of that reality as demand should surge as nuclear reactors are built and come online.

According to the US Nuclear Regulatory commission, there have been requests for 26 new reactors to be built in the country, with six of them already being ordered. There are 104 commercial nuclear reactors operating in the United States, supplying almost 20 percent of the electricity of the nation.

The good news is also the United States has the fourth-largest amount of uranium under its soil, making it extraordinary that it isn't being used to propel the nuclear industry forward to meet the growing energy demand in the country.

As far as what type of effect this will have on uranium prices, there can be no doubt what that will be. Uranium demand will increase; it's only a matter of when and how much.

Nuclear Reactors and Uranium Demand

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