Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mobius Likes Latin American Stocks

Mark Mobius Latin America

Mark Mobius is in Santiago, Chile, and in his overview of that market, and other Latin American markets, he's extremely bullish, and is looking for potential record gains in that region in 2010 for its equity indexes.

Although he's doing research on Chile, Mobius has already had invested in a number of Latin America countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Colombia.

Of all of these, Mobius particularly likes Brazil, which bodes well for commodities, as that's the primary driver of the Brazilian market.

After the current Latin American market correction, Mobius expects things to take off once again, which will be reflected in a number of the indexes tracking stocks and commodities in the region.

While in the midst of a correction, a number of people believe there will be more to go before the upward climb begins again in the region.

Other things Mobius is looking into for his Templeton Asset Management is in regard to private equity opportunities, specifically for smaller private or public companies in need of infusion of capital.

Mark Mobius Latin America

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