Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gold Rising 30% in 2010?

Gold Rising 30% in 2010

According to the London Market Bullion Association, gold could rise close to 30 percent in 2010, as continual concerns over central banks printing money, sovereign defaults, quantitative easing and outrageous government stimulus programs weigh on the minds of investors.

It's unknown what will happen if the British pound collapses, as a number of investment experts like Jim Rogers and Marc Faber are predicting, and that could cause gold prices to go through the roof as investors and consumers look for somewhere safe to place their money.

Now that the government stimulus programs have been proven to be mass failures, the growing realization we aren't close to being out of the recession yet is settling on people, and that will cause even more to move toward gold as a haven.

In the short term it doesn't look like any new gold mines are coming online either, making gold a possible rare commodity as funds continue to buy physical gold to back them up. That is another possible factor which could move gold prices higher in 2010 and beyond.

Gold Rising 30% in 2010

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