Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Charlie Munger Warns on America

Charlie Munger on Economics and America

Anyone reading Charlie Mungers parable over at Slate over the weekend should come away very sober, with the realization why precious metals like gold and silver, along with other commodities, will do well over the years ahead.

The parable by Charlie Munger attacked on two fronts. The first was the outrageous practices of the U.S. government which is out of control with its spending and taxation, and discourages entrepreneurs from flourishing when all they do is take wealth away from them and redistribute it like the growing socialist government and administration we now have.

On the private business side, Munger blasted the derivative trading of the banks which were a major part of the underlying problems many of us face.

While this is all true and accurate, we still face the consequences of the actions of the U.S. government and major banks no matter what is done in attempts to deal with the root causes.

This is why commodities will continue to be the major success story over the next decade or more, as real things will continue to be in demand, rather than things most people can't begin to understand.

Charlie Munger on Economics and America

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