Thursday, February 11, 2010

Agrium (NYSE: AGU) Says Potash Demand Rising

Potash Demand

The comments by Agrium (NYSE: AGU) that potash demand is rising must be taken with a healthy measure of a grain of salt, as they are just following up on the deal their partnership with Potash (NYSE: POT), and Mosaic (NYSE: MOS) called "Canpotex" where they scored a decent but not great sale of potash to China.

According to reports, the deal was for 350,000 tons of potash, but no price was given per ton, possibly a nod toward not making that great of a deal per ton, as Belarussian Potash recently dealt potash to the Chinese for $350 a ton.

Either way, 350,000 is largely a non-event, and while helpful, doesn't have any long-term meaning to the companies involved.

With spring coming their should be an obvious increase in demand for potash, but in the end will it be the usual spring replenishing or will demand truly grow beyond seasonal adjustments?

We'll literally have to wait to see, as there are mixed signals being sent from potash companies, and that always means uncertainty going forward.

Potash Demand

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