Friday, January 1, 2010

Marc Faber Gold Investing 2010

Marc Faber Gold

With the U.S. dollar being an uncertain, but potential threat to gold prices because of the possibility of surging in strength in 2010, it has caused gold bulls to reconsider how to invest in the sector, but not whether to invest in the sector.

Recently Marc Faber has stated he is migrating more toward investing in gold exploration stocks and gold producers in 2010, as they could be the best play with gold; especially if the U.S. dollar does strengthen in a significant, albeit short term manner.

Another major factor from Faber's point of view is the extremely cheap prices the gold mining and producers are going for at this time, making them highly desirable.

You do have to be a long term investor in gold for these to pay off, and so need to keep that in mind. Most gold investors are that anyway, and so should do ok over the long term.

For those just entering the gold sector and who are looking for short term profits, it probably isn't a good time to do it and you could get burned badly.

Marc Faber Gold

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