Monday, January 4, 2010

Major Gold ETFs Hold $16.9 Billion

Gold ETF Performance 2009

The gold holdings fo the major gold ETFs have approximately an aggregate amount of gold worth $16.9 billion net on a daily basis, according to the latest figures for 2009. Those aren't the final figures for 2009, as it only takes us up to mid-December.

Overall the key gold ETFs held close to $61.3 billion, a major increase of 84 percent year over year. That means an additional 546 tons of gold was added to the reserves of these gold funds in 2009.

Price per ounce for gold during that period rose by $213 an ounce, making it a highly profitable year for most.

Net daily flows in the funds differ from the value of the gold held by the funds because it fluxuates on a continuous basis.

The value of gold in the funds increased by about 65 percent over the net value of the money put into them.

Gold ETF Performance 2009

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