Monday, January 4, 2010

Investing ETF Gold Funds - 'SPDR Gold Shares'

Investing ETF Gold Funds - 'SPDR Gold Shares'

Gold will continue to be a force for some time ahead, no matter if it gets hit by a temporary surge in the value of the U.S. dollar or not. And even if it does, it won't matter, as the greenback won't be able to hold strong for a very long period of time if it happens at all, so gold will perform stongly for years into the future, even with temporary corrections in the midst of its continual upward price movement.

With that in mind, a great way to invest in gold can be through an ETF gold fund, and one of the fastest growing in the world - not with just ETF gold funds, but all ETF funds in existence - is 'SPDR Gold Shares.

An ETF gold index fund is listed on an exchange just like a stock, and so in easy to invest in, and relatively inexpensive as well, as they are not management intensive, and other than storage costs, fairly free of other fees.

Along with trading on an American exchange, SPDR Gold Shares also trades on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Singapore Stock Exchange. That exposes it to a variety of markets around the world.

At this time, the SPDR Gold Shares fund stores and underlying 1,133 metric tons of gold in the London vaults of HSBC Bank USA. That amounts to about 36,300,000 ounces with a value of close to $40.2 billion at today's gold market price.

With very few exceptions, SPDR Gold Shares of course primarily holds gold. There are few times when it holds cash as well, but that's very temporary until new buying opportunities arise.

Investing in an ETF gold index fund like SPDR Gold Shares is an easy way for investors to participate in the ongoing bull gold market, and with the ease of trading gold like a security, it eliminates many of the barriers many investors face when thinking of investing in the precious metal.

Investing ETF Gold Funds - 'SPDR Gold Shares'

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