Monday, January 25, 2010

Commodity Buying Opportunity?

Commodity dip in prices

I think so. When you look at two of the best things that could have happened for those looking for a commodity price correction, you couldn't have had better circumstances than Obama and the Chinese leadership making the statements they did last week; both of which has a negative impact on commodities' outlook and prices.

The question is if the impact of their comments will be sustainable over a long period of time or commodity prices will continue their upward surge after many of them reaching highs recently.

It seems to me there is no way commodities over the long term will suffer long-term price decreases, although times like these are great opportunities to buy up even more raw materials going forward.

The only commodity to be cautious of concerning price is copper, which increased in price in spite of the thoughts communicated by the Chinese and Obama.

Taking everything into consideration, and even if China's leaders want to try to slow down their growth, commodities will be a huge story in relationship to China for some time to come, so when this nice dips happen, it's time to stock up again and increase our positions.

Rumor is a number of funds had been seriously thinking of decreasing their exposure to commodities. Hopefully they will and the story gets out everywhere, as it should help prices drop even more and give more opportunity to buy low.

Commodity dip in prices

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