Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Commodities Prices: Sugar Prices Drop

Commodity Sugar Prices

Sugar prices fell from 29-year highs as commodities as a sector fell as well as the U.S. dollar was stronger, causing most commodity prices to pull back in response.

For sugar, that won't shouldn't be a deterent to further price increases, as continuing strong demand for the sweetener should cause sugar prices to resume their upward climb.

From the early part of December sugar prices have surged by 32 percent, as supply worries along with continuing demand pushed sugar prices higher.

That hasn't stopped countries to continue buying sugar, as new orders from a number of developing countries, including Pakistan and Indonesia keep demand high. Tailand has also recently said production estimates would be lower than expected, causing concerns over the supply side too.

If sugar prices continue to climb and begin to close above 30 cent a pound consistently, it's unsure how high it could end up going. Some traders are holding back on pushing the price even higher as it could cause a huge sell-off which could move prices quickly.

Commodity Sugar Prices

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