Monday, January 11, 2010

China Commodity Demand 2010

Commodity prices going up 2010

The growth of raw materials imported to China had a strong effect on commodity prices, and it looks like China commodity demand in 2010 will surge higher as it seems to be moving from building up commodity inventory to using the raw materials to make products to export.

As of December 2009, it showed that commodity exports grew by 17.7 percent for the year in China, while Chinese commodity imports increased an extraordinary 56 percent for the year.

Chinese commodity consumption will continue, but demand to build products should continue to put upward pressure on many commodity prices in 2010.

Some commodities alreay going up in price for 2010 are gold, copper and light, sweet crude oil, which have already climbed significantly in the first week of 2010, and show no sign of subsiding.

Commodity investors will have to watch carefully for some commodities, as soybeans and iron ore are near record import highs, and it's impossible at this time to see if that will be sustainable during 2010.

Commodity prices went down, in general, during the latter half of 2009, but it looks like the China factor is again in big play, but we need to be sure of the actual numbers and true commodity demand in the country to be sure if commodity prices will go up throughout 2010, and which ones.

Commodity prices going up 2010

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