Monday, February 16, 2009

Successful Gold Investing in 2009

Most of us know that gold investing is going to be not only a place to safely put our money in 2009, but also a place where we can make significant returns on that money. There are a lot of ways to invest in gold, like gold stocks of mining and gold production companies, companies selling gold coins, gold futures and gold ETFs, among other ways. Here's a few ways to invest in gold in 2009 that should do very well.

Gold investors should be able to put their money into any well run gold mining producer this year and do well, along with investing in gold futures, which will continue to run up. Other gold investments set to do well will be gold ETFs, which with the larger companies are saying they're having no problem acquiring the needed gold to line up with investors' demand.

Regardless of whether or not gold goes up or down from here, there is a great opportunity to capitalize on such movements of price by using the right trading tools. There are many trading tools available to trade gold such as gold ETFs (exchange traded funds), mining stocks, gold futures and options. But perhaps the most significant way to monetize gold is by using the incredible leverage available from a forex trading platform.

Many forex (foreign exchange) brokers empower clients to trade gold with 100:1
leverage. The 100:1 leverage system follows easy to understand strategy. For every $100 one risks, the trader will get the buying power for trading gold worth $10,000 dollars. There are other things that can be traded too on this platform including silver, crude oil and just about every major currency on the planet. Standard trading accounts which offer the ability to trade gold forex can be opened extremely fast online with a very low investment of several hundred dollars, often with the simple use a credit card for making an opening deposit. For those just starting out there are also forex practice accounts which can be opened without risking any of your money.

A practice account is a great way to get a feel for the forex platform and enable you to trade in very much the same way as a real cash account without facing any risk, until you understand how it works.

What remains to be determined is how long it will take, not whether the time arrives. But either way, gold is going to break out again this year, and most analysts are forming a consensus that gold prices will push past the $1,000 barrier before 2009 is finished. And I think they're right.

Gold futures will also remain a key way to successful enter the gold market, as they don't depend on the management ability of a company or how much debt they have incurred, among other factors. Futures just measure gold and its demand itself. That makes it simple and easy to watch to see which way the market is moving. How investors measure safety and inflation is a big part of how the gold futures market performs.

Buying gold coins is one of the most practical ways to own physical gold, as gold bars are more difficult to transport and keep out of view. If owning physical gold is part of your gold investment strategy, I would buy gold coins rather than any other type of physical gold.

There's no doubt gold investing will be one of the main investing success stories of 2009.

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