Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some Say Wait on Commodities Till Things Settle Down

The volatility in the economy, especially in relationship to base metals, gold and oil, have some experts saying investors should wait for a few days until things unwind and there's more clarity in the overall picture. I also think that's the best thing to do in current circumstances.

There are too many variables not usually connected to the market that make things at this time more unpredictable than usual.

With fear being a main driver at this time, we have to be cautious in what we do, as the rejection of the bailout package in America suggests.

Fear is being used as a tool by some now to get things done in the way they want them done. With this in mind, it makes it impossible to know with any reasonable accuracy in the short term which way things will go.

Even many analysts, normally glad to be in the spotlight, were quiet on Monday, as anything they say could go the opposite direction with ease.

I would wait a few days to allow things to settle down.

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