Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cuts in Agriculture Research Budgets Underscore Limitation of Government

It's hilarious to see one special interest group whine about the cut in budget because another special interest group is getting the money. What it does is show the vast limitation that government really has, and the consequences in counting on taxpayer money to fund your pet projects.

One person griping about cutbacks is Dr. Yue Jin, who is marketed as the only federal scientist whose main purpose is to ensure the protection of the $17 billion U.S wheat crop. What a crock.

This is so pathetic and disingenuous, that it stinks.

In an attempt to siphon funds from other special interests, it is made to look like the wheat across the world is in danger of extinction, as a new strain of fungus has emerged.

What's even more disingenuous is the blaming of floods, drought and high fuel prices as other elements in driving up fuel prices, without another government mandated program: subsidies for the disaster of ethanol, being named as the major culprit.

All of this shows that government isn't meant to be the end-all answer to problems, and those that rely on it as if it's God, are in for serious disappointments, as not taking into consideration its limitations is a huge mistake.

The wheat crop isn't going to succeed or fail because a government research program on wheat is cut back. It'll fail more for the interference of government in creating an artificial market for corn-based ethanol than anything else.

The best thing to do is for government to stay out of these situations, and let the market decide what it is they want. We continue to bear the brunt of government limitation and interference, as the usual unintended consequences continue to rear their ugly head.

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